SAHAJIDAH Garam Buluh is made of 100% bamboo salt formulated with a proven traditional Korean recipe 1,300 years ago. During the manufacturing process, sun-dried sea salt is filled into bamboo trunks with the ends covered with yellow ocher. The bamboo trunks are then placed into the furnace and burned repeatedly at a temperature between 1,000°C to 1500°C using pinewood. The repeated burning process at a high temperature helps to eliminate toxic substances and heavy metals from the sea salt. At the same time, the sea salt absorbs all micro-elements from the bamboo, yellow ocher and pinewood.

•    It is an alkaline food (pH 10.5 – 11.0) and contains 70 to 80 minerals and micro-elements.
•    Rich in magnesium that helps to absorb calcium, maintain fluid balance, regulate high blood pressure and strengthen the memory.
•    Neutralizes the body acidity and strengthens the immune system to help with the prevention of illnesses.
•    Eliminates free radicals and toxins.
•    Heals damaged cells in the body and prevents the growth of unhealthy cells.